C.A. Cupid (Daughter of Eros)
Parent’s Story: I’m not a fairytale, I’m a myth.
Roommate: Blondie Lockes
Alliance: Rebel 

About me: 
♡ Secret Heart’s Desire: “While I do love guiding people to their “special someone,” it’s about time I include myself among those deserving of love.”
♡ My “Magic” Touch: “Everyone knows my Cupid’s arrow can make a person fall in love, but my real magic is helping people listen to their heart.”
♡ Storybook Romance Status: “Dexter Charming sets my heart aflutter, but I’m having such a hard time letting him know my true feelings.”
♡ “Oh Curses!” Moment: “I’m such a terrible shot with my bow and arrow. It’s so not me.”
♡ Favorite Subject: “Mythology. You have to know where you came from before you can know where you’re going.”
♡ Least Favorite Subject: “Crownculus. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - not everything can be solved with an equation.”
♡ Best Friends Forever After: “Apple White, Raven Queen and everyone in between with an open heart.”

For those who didn’t see it the EAH website updated with Cupid’s card and bio!  I snagged both the photo and the written bio from Ever After High Dolls on tumblr but I did set a click-through link in the photo back to their post.

The thing I REALLY love about Cupid’s bio is that, despite changing both schools and dimensions, she’s still the same character.  She’s a terrible shot, she still really wants to help people find love, and she hates any form of calculus.

But the thing I REALLY love about Cupid in EAH is that she sides with the Rebels.  She comes from Monster High, a place where everybody can be themselves, but at Ever After High the school is divided because some of the students want to be exactly that: THEMSELVES.  They don’t want to have to follow in their parents footsteps and take the pledge and the fact that Cupid agrees with that makes me so happy.

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